Month: March 2017

Charismawhat? // Charismaquoi?

*La version française de ce texte suivra

We have all already felt an attraction for someone in our entourage. Someone with whom it feels good and who makes us feel good. We will often use the term charismatic to define them.

Can we become charismatic? The answer is yes.

Here are the main qualities that define charismatic people:

  • Positivism : See the good side of things, even in the most difficult times;
  • Honesty : Confessing your strengths and weaknesses;
  • Altruism : Take actions that relate to others and not to oneself;
  • Empathy : Understand and respect the emotions of others, do not avoid them;
  • Listening : Question the subject of your interlocutor and ignore all other distractions around;
  • Sense of humor : If you are a rookie in this field, start by laughing at your own mistakes;
  • Passion : The virtue of speaking about a subject with all your senses;
  • Conviction : Believe in your principles while being fair and respecting those of others.

By embracing these qualities, you will develop a bond of trust with your interlocutors and you will open the way to more sincere and more important discussions.

I will take care to describe each of these qualities in a next series of articles 🙂




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